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I started sailing at age five when my mother rigged up an old aluminum pram and pushed me off from the shores of Stonington, Connecticut. That voyage was the foundation for a lifelong passion of boats and the sea; since then I have logged over 200,000 miles at sea delivering and racing sailboats.

I have been doing coastal and ocean photography for eight years and occasionally landscape and travel work.  Hero (shown above) is my assistant and the photo was taken by my girlfriend Gleanna Doyle who specializes in animal photography.

I am currently co-owner of the Dog Watch Café in Stonington and Dog Watch Mystic and continue to do yacht deliveries and ocean racing.

To buy photos, visit individual gallery pages or the full-size view of the image and click on “Buy Photos”. Contact me for any custom sizes, to order panorama prints, or to request samples of images that are not included in this portfolio. If you live in the Stonington, CT area, I can print photos and hand deliver them; however, contact me directly and do not order prints on this site.... clayburkhalter@gmail.com, 860-514-3132.

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